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Shipments informations

Shipping via Shipping Partners!
The Company has signed commercial agreements with some express couriers, the "Freight Forwarders Partners". By virtue of these contractual relationships, the Company offers Sellers, at a competitive shipping cost both in Italy and abroad in the European territory, the right to use an automated shipping service throughout the European Union that includes (i) the confirmation of the purchase order, (ii) the creation of the transit document, (iii) the shipment and (iv) the management of the return service of the product in case of defects and/or defects communicated within 8 (eight) days of acceptance or accepted, where applicable, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days of delivery of the product.!

The Company reserves the right to modify, at its sole discretion and at any time, the Shipping Partners.

For Sellers who decide to make use of the Shipping Partners in the face of the acceptance of the purchase order by the Seller, the Seller must: !

(i) prepare the package for shipment using the necessary care to ensure the integrity of the same and the products contained and observing (i) the packaging standards provided by the Partners Shippers (the "Packing Standards") available at the following link and (ii) the guide "Send the Fresh" prepared by the Company for the shipment of perishable products;

(ii) print the/the waybill/s available for download in your B2C Platform reserved area; !
(iii) apply the consignment note to the packages to be dispatched and deliver the packages to the carrier.

Depending on the area of collection of packages indicated, as extra-urban, rural, little served or otherwise not served by freight forwarders on a daily basis, there may be delays in the collection of parcels at the addresses reported by the Seller.!

The Freight Forwarder Partner will collect the package from the Seller and will ship it according to the delivery times indicated from time to time. Buyer B2C and Seller will have the right to monitor the progress of the shipment of the purchase order through the respective tracking code.

From the date of delivery of the products to the Buyer B2C any risk related to it will no longer be attributable to the Seller (eg: bad or unsuitable storage).

In the event that the goods purchased by the Buyer B2C arrive late, more than 24 hours from the date of delivery indicated at the time of completion of the sale, which in any case is never considered as peremptory and/ or essential, or is damaged (for reasons other than packaging not complying with the Packing Standards) and/or lost, the B2C Buyer shall report the event that occurred within 24 hours of delivery to the Company’s support team, so that the latter can activate the liability of the carrier pursuant to and for the effects of Articles. 1683 and ss. C.C. and in particular art. 1693 and 1696 c.c. The report must be made through the guided procedure present in the reserved area of each B2C Buyer. The Company shall not be liable for any rejection of any claim for compensation against the carrier and/or for any other forfeiture, including in the event of late reporting by Buyer B2C.

In relation to the shipping service, it is expressly understood that in no case may the Company be held responsible for any costs, costs or damages (direct and/or indirect and/or loss of earnings) suffered by the Registered User who makes use of the shipping service referred to in this paragraph and in particular cannot be held responsible for (i) errors in delivery due to inaccuracies or incompleteness in the compilation of the purchase order by the B2C Buyer, (ii) any damage that may have occurred to the products after delivery to the carrier in charge of transport of the same, also as a result of packaging not complying with the standards set out therein, (iii) loss or theft of the products and (iv) delays in the collection or delivery of the products to both Sellers and B2C Buyers.

The Company may apply a surcharge to the list price applied by the Shipping Partners to cover any additional costs related to the shipment itself, as the cost faced by the Company for the shipment may be greater than the cost of the shipment shown to and paid by the B2C Buyer.

The additional costs chargeable to the Seller may be: (i) optional (selectable ex ante by counterparties) and will be included in the order summary displayed to the B2C Buyer; (ii) additional (not ex ante calculable) to be paid by the Company; (iii) costs resulting from causes attributable to the Seller, ie delays caused by the Seller, oversize packages, extra-weight packages, chargeable to the Seller and reduced by the amount that the Company makes available on the sale price.

Free shipping!
The Seller shall have the right, in order to increase its sales volumes, to offer B2C Buyers free shipping exclusively for purchase orders of an amount equal to or greater than Euro 49,00 . The shipping cost of the products chargeable to the

Free shipping!
The Seller shall have the right, in order to increase its sales volumes, to offer B2C Buyers free shipping exclusively for purchase orders of an amount equal to or greater than Euro 49,00 . The shipping cost of the products chargeable to the Seller who makes use of free shipping through the Partners Shippers is the competitive cost published directly on the Site.!

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