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Eco friendly


Nature asks us nothing, only respect

Opificio Fred works to reduce the environmental impact of its products. All the botanicals and herbs used by Fred for the creation of spirits and distillates are of the highest quality and the production is


We guarantee a sustainable future

The plants are cultivated by him personally in Friuli or come from small Italian producers who act responsibly and guarantee a sustainable future for farmers, their communities and the environment.


100% Made in Friuli

The products of the Opificio Fred line are handmade, organic, eco-sustainable, no waste and eco-friendly. The botanicals are dried, macerated and distilled in a steam stream, without the addition of dyes or other chemicals.


The bottles are made of recycled glass, the cap is made of natural beech and also the packaging is made of 80% recycled cardboard. The energy used in production comes from renewable sources and no fossil fuels are used.

We respect and protect our planet because, remember, it’s the only one we have!

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Drink responsibly, do not share with people under the legal age to purchase alcohol.  

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