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Refund policy

If the delivered products are defective or are different from those covered by the purchase order, within 8 (eight) days from the date of receipt of the products, the B2C Buyer shall have the right to file a complaint and request a refund, in the manner expressed in the "Support" section of the B2C Platform, for the sum paid to the Seller. Please note that, for the purposes of proper management, requests for refunds must be formalized following the official procedure accessible from the section "Desk" of your Account, provided that otherwise the Company will not be able to offer the service of handling complaints and refunds.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the Company will assess its merits.
For this purpose, a complaint shall be deemed to be well founded only if the following conditions are met:
1) Evident and objective discrepancies between the goods advertised by the Seller on the B2C Platform and the products received by the B2C Buyer (for example, as a mere example and not exhaustive, errors in the type of product shipped after an order, errors in the quantity information);

2) Goods damaged during transport by packaging that does not comply with Packing Standards.

If the complaint is well founded, the B2C Buyer shall promptly return the disputed products to the Seller, at the cost of the Seller through its own courier or, where agreed with the Company, any of the Freight Forwarding Partners .

In that case, the Company shall:!
- promptly inform the Seller;
- repay the Buyer B2C in whole or in part by re-crediting the sums

paid by the B2C Buyer (including any costs incurred for the return of the products), using the same payment method used by the latter for the purchase of the products
paid by the B2C Buyer (including any costs incurred for the return of the products), using the same payment method used by the latter for the purchase of the products;

- as a result of the complaint procedure, update the Balance available on the Seller’s Foodscovery Account indicating the fees accrued net of the refund due to Buyer B2C, of the Management Fee including transport costs possibly due by way of return of the products subject to dispute, as well as the costs of handling the complaint incurred by the Company.!

The Company shall have the right to suspend the payment of the refund until the Seller has actually received the products.

For other types of complaint (for example in case of dispute of transactions made by credit card - or of possible complaints of "cloning" of the same or in case of disputes on the shipping service), the Company will limit itself to the forwarding to the Seller and/or to the credit card issuer and/or to the Shipping Partner and/or to the competent third party the dispute sent by the B2C Buyer and the dispute will be handled directly between the contracting parties according to the provisions of applicable law.

Under no circumstances shall the Company be held liable for the reimbursement of amounts due to the B2C Buyer by the Seller in the event that the claim has been accepted, since the same is done through the Company on the basis of the Seller’s cash on the B2C Platform.
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