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BITTER 34 chestnut honey

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BITTER34 with Friulian chestnut honey

A delicate, herbaceous flavour with a strong note of chestnut honey, BITTER34 is an intense but well-balanced bitter. Alcohol perception is discreet in this traditional recipe, where the honey tones are presented mainly through their scent. The body is composed of bitter notes, enhanced by the complexity of the chestnut; this bitterness is developed by the maceration of various plants like Gentian root. The richness of these botanics make the flavours complex and lingering. 

The final product is robust and flavourful, with persistent tones of citrus enhancing its complexity. The herbs used, as well as the marriage of chestnut and botanics, create a lingering bitter aftertaste. BITTER34 is infused with Hibiscus flowers, which give the drink an intense but entirely natural red colouring.

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Drink responsibly, do not share with people under the legal age to purchase alcohol.  

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