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Il Cocktail Bijou

The Bijou Cocktail

Cocktail Bijou

Today we share in our blog Fred's original recipe for making the Bijou cocktail.

The Bijou is a cocktail created in the late 1900s by Harry Jhonson, one of the founding fathers of modern mixology.

Harry decided to call it Bijou (from the French "jewel") for the color of the tones of the products used to make the cocktail, white, red and green like the three most precious jewels: gin for the diamond, vermouth for the ruby ​​and chartreuse for the Emerald.

Here is the recipe of the Bijou Cocktail version signed by Fred.

Ingredients and doses Cocktail Bijou:

¾ oz Fred Jerbis VERMUT25

¾ oz Fred Jerbis GIN7 Acacia Barrel

¾ oz Green Chartreuse

How to make the Bijou cocktail

The preparation of the cocktail is simple: mix the ingredients together with ice to mix Gin, Vermouth and Chartreuse and pour into a Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with bitter orange and a cherry.

If you make Fred's Bijou photograph it and tag us on social media, we'll be happy to share your cocktail!


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