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Fred's distillery

The Island of Gin: this is where Fred’s Distillery was born. We’re in Polcenigo, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, in the province of Pordenone, surrounded by lush green mountains. Here, time passes slowly, like the fresh water of the river surrounding this stunning destination, immersed in nature at the foot of the Friulian mountains.

On this little island at the heart of Polcenigo sits Fred’s Distillery, his laboratory, and a botanical garden. Here, you can watch Fred at work, tending to the plants himself. In this magical place, Fred harvests, experiments, and creates his spirits and liqueurs.

Beside the laboratory is the Officina delle Tinture: Fred’s bar. This is where he offers delicious cocktails paired with focaccias, all prepared on-site by passionate Alessandro, using high-quality ingredients. Come and experience the flavours at Officina delle Tinture, and follow our social media.

We offer a number of experiences, tours, and tastings, held both on the island and within the distillery, from classic tastings of Opificio Fred’s product range to the creation of personalised gins made using local herbs – with the help of Fred, of course.

We also offer walking and e-biking tours and itineraries around the area. Discover the nature, history and enogastronomy which characterise Fred, Polcenigo, and his beloved Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

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Drink responsibly, do not share with people under the legal age to purchase alcohol.  

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