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Equity for Spirits: la nuova campagna di Crowdfunding di Opificio Fred

Equity for Spirits: Opificio Fred's new Crowdfunding campaign

Equity for Spirits: Opificio Fred's new Crowdfunding campaign

Notice for all lovers of good drinking and made in Italy. We are happy to share with you our new adventure: Equity for Spirits. A fundraising campaign that aims to expand and consolidate our production system with new equipment, a bottling department and a proprietary warehouse.

Equity for Spirits: a shared vision

We want to involve you in our growth, offering you the opportunity to become a shareholder of Opificio Fred and share in the future successes of our company.

We are about to close 2023 with a turnover of 400 thousand euros, up 45% compared to 2021 (the year of our first crowdfunding) and an EBITDA of 34% (98 thousand euros): the Fred Jerbis line of spirits, Fred liqueurs Alkemil, the Fred Misturis “ready to drink” cocktail and the new Gorgazzina tonic water.

What makes this campaign unique

Investing in Made in Italy: with Equity for Spirits, you are not just investing in a company; you are investing in Italian craftsmanship. Every share will help expand our product range, explore new flavors and carry on the tradition of Italian craft distillers.

Exclusive Access: Investors will have exclusive access to new product previews, special events and reserved discounts.

Part of a community: By joining Equity for Spirits, you will become part of a passionate community of artisanal spirits who share the joy of creating and appreciating quality spirits and liqueurs, artisanally made in Italy.

Why invest in our crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Opificio Fred is already a market leader in the artisanal spirits niche
  2. Our balance sheet is solid and always growing
  3. We have 60% organic growth since the first crowdfunding round
  4. Strong propensity for internationalization
  5. Potential still largely unexpressed

How to participate:

To contribute to our campaign visit our crowdfunding page on Mamacrwod:

You have until 01/14/204. Every contribution brings us closer to realizing our vision and strengthens our bond!

On this journey, we will strive to share every step and every success with all of you.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Fred Opificio Team

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Although Fred's distillates and liqueurs are natural and made with hand-grown and hand-picked Italian botanicals you must be of legal age to consume alcohol and to access this website (+18)


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