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Opificio Fred in tour

Fred factory on tour

Fred factory on tour

If you follow us on social networks, you have certainly noticed that in the last month Fred and our Brand Ambassador Elena Romanelli have toured Italy and America bringing the brand name to the top.

Stage after stage they let you taste and discover Fred Jerbis spirits and Fred Alkemil liqueurs, interacting and meeting new people who are passionate about this fantastic world of beverages and mixology.

What we do in Opificio Fred with passion, study and dedication is nothing more than enhancing the botanical heritage of our territory, telling the world about the authenticity of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italy. We are slowly making Polcenigo known, listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy but a small village in the Friulian foothills, in the world!

These were the stages of our Italian tour, including fairs, events and masterclasses:

- Bar To Be, Sicily

- Barnext, Padua

- Event in Masseria Cuturi, the cradle of Primitivo di Manduria, Puglia

- Tasting Day, Turin

From 12 to 25 September, our Ambassador was engaged in a fantastic stars and stripes tour. It's always a great emotion to see our bottles in the best clubs and bars in the United States of America: a great success for artisanal products like ours.

These were stops on our American tour in collaboration with Oliver Mc

Crum Wines and Spirits:

- Minneapolis: “Minny” is the city of lakes, sports and even Fred Jerbis

because it is present in many places in the city.

- Chicago: windy City, one of the largest metropolises in the United States. Cradle of the blues, renowned for its nightlife and entertainment.

- Kansas City, Missouri, where it's super easy to order cocktails made with

Amaro16 and Fernet25 Fred Jerbis.

- Saint Louis: here we attended GinWorld, the largest Gin festival

of the United States.

- New Orleans: the Big Easy. It is a city that has no equal: an open-air amusement park. Musicians in every room, street artists, characters with unusual clothing and a food that is a mix of several cultures.

- Atlanta: our tour ended here with a great presentation event of the whole line of Fred Jerbis spirits.

Back from America we immediately left for Berlin, where we took part in the Bar Convent Berlin, the most important international fair dedicated to the world of bars & drink. Here our Export Manager Giovanni Mattia Pianca presented the Fred Alkemil line, the range of liqueurs designed for mixology professionals.

Alkemil as Alchemilla, the plant loved by alchemists who used the dew that was deposited on the surface of the leaves to search for the Philosopher's Stone and to prepare the Elixir of life. As in ancient times, even today Fred makes his products by hand, with Friulian botanicals and in limited quantities, following an ancient recipe from the 19th century.

The new line of Fred Alkemil liqueurs is made up of Curaçao Imperiale, Rosolio Bergamot, Crème de Cassis, Cherry Ratafia, Maraschino, Creme Violette, Liqueur Peach and Alchermes. Just these days we are in Genoa at the Tourism and Food & Drinks with the Opus Loci project, where together with other Friulian companies, we present tours that combine history and food and wine by representing Unesco sites. Obviously we represent Polcenigo with Palù di Livenza.

Curious to know the next steps?

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