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Fred Alkemil: linea di liquori di Opificio Fred

Fred Alkemil: line of liqueurs by Opificio Fred

Fred Alkemil is the new line of liqueurs by Opificio Fred

In order to make these products, Fred has taken up the millenary tradition of the alchemists to bring to light the great elixirs, liqueurs and liqueurs in a more modern guise, without losing the quality of the past.

Fred Alkemil is designed for mixing and handcrafted by Fred always in limited quantities, with controlled Friulian and Italian botanicals and following an ancient 19th century recipe.

The name Alkemil takes us back in time: Alchemilla, a plant loved by alchemists who used the dew that was deposited on the surface of the leaves to search for the Philosopher's Stone and to prepare the Elixir of life.

The new line of liqueurs is made up of Imperial Curaçao, Bergamot Rosolio, Crème de Cassis, Cherry Ratafia, Maraschino, Creme Violette and Acqua Reale. From May available in our online shop!

How to use the Fred Alkemil line of liqueurs?

All Fred Alkemil liqueurs go perfectly with Fred Jerbis spirits, they are ideal for mixing and are excellent to drink on their own, preferably iced and go great with all desserts! 

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Although Fred's distillates and liqueurs are natural and made with hand-grown and hand-picked Italian botanicals you must be of legal age to consume alcohol and to access this website (+18)


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