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Our CASSIS ELIXIR is created using pure blackcurrant juice.

A warming, silky, well-crafted taste which is discreetly alcoholic; a new take on a traditional recipe with well-balanced sugars. The body is defined by a soft sweetness and a delicate acidity which makes the final product full-bodied and lingering. Best enjoyed chilled or over ice with dessert. Pair with a rich white wine or champagne to prepare a famous Kir or Kir Royal cocktail, to be served as an aperitif. It can also be used in the light Singapore Sling cocktail.
Some residue may be found at the bottom of the bottle, deriving from the natural raw materials used in production. An ancient Italian recipe from 1882 with a touch of modernity; contains no chemical additives.

Under normal conditions the delivery time in Italy is 24/48h from the moment of taking charge of the warehouse order, which takes place within 24h from the order placed on the site.

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Drink responsibly, do not share with people under the legal age to purchase alcohol.  

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